A downloadable game for Windows

[This game is currently a prototype to demonstrate the various systems in the game, inventory, progression, combat, etc. Much of the art is placeholder, there is no story or lore in the world, and the play area is VERY limited.]

An immersive sim with survival, RPG, and FPS elements, with a focus on "escape the room" style environmental interaction.

Contains a unique player driven and non-linear progression system to encourage exploration. No skill trees, no experience points, no quest log, and no arbitrary rewards from NPCs.

Ash, a bounty hunter in the employ of the Tetra corporation, is sent to retrieve a valuable experimental device from a research colony on a planet near the edge of colonized space. When she arrives, she discovers the whole planet is empty and abandoned for unknown reasons. The device that she was supposed to retrieve isn't what she expected and she is forced to rely on her wits and willpower to survive the barren wasteland of a dead world. Can she escape her prison and complete her mission?

If this game is something you want to see fleshed out to it's fullest, please consider donating something, or connecting with me on Patreon. It really helps!


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